Our Story

In 2015, close friends, recent new moms and certified Pilates addicts Janet and Sara found themselves exhausted with motherhood, struggling with post baby bodies and yearning to get back onto the mat. Not wanting to part with their young ones, they decided to bring their babies along and thus Pilates Mamas was born.

Pilates Mamas provides new moms a safe and supportive environment to breathe, focus on their bodies and heal, all while bonding with their children and introducing them to the healthy practice of Pilates. Pilates Mamas is a judgement free zone where there is no need to dress up in designer workout clothes or worry about belly bulges. The focus is on recovering strength while spending time with your child.

Need to nurse? Have a cranky child? No problem - Pilates Mamas is ready for all of that. Just show up, focus on yourself and bond with your child for 45 minutes without worrying about what your classmates will think because they're all in the same boat.

Welcome to Pilates Mamas, a mental and physical sanctuary tailored for the busy mom.

About Us:

Janet Li Patel:

A true global citizen, Janet was born in Canada, raised in Hong Kong, educated in the UK and now resides in NYC. Although Janet began her career in finance, once she discovered Pilates there was no turning back. In Pilates she found healing from persistent back pain, relief from an old shoulder injury and most recently, a return to her pre-baby body. Finding that she couldn't get enough of Pilates, she abandoned her lucrative finance job to pursue a career as a Pilates instructor and is currently a lead teacher trainer at Equinox Pilates Training Institute and is passionate about helping others heal and grow stronger through Pilates. Through Pilates Mamas she hopes to share the joy she finds in practicing mommy and me Pilates with her daughter Evelina with busy moms across NYC.

Sara Bogle:

Sara grew up dancing and adopted Pilates as a way to maintain her strong dancer's physique. She became certified through Romana's Pilates in 2008 and has been teaching in studios throughout Philadelphia and New York City ever since. For Sara, Pilates has always been more than just an exercise program but it wasn't until 2015 when she had her baby girl, Cameron, that Pilates truly became a way of life. She found that practicing Pilates post baby helped her abdominals heal and it also accelerated the strengthening of her entire body in ways she never knew existed. She currently teaches at Equinox where she is the Pilates Coordinator of the studio. Sara is incredibly passionate about sharing this work with clients and is excited to help motivate families to come move their bodies with Pilates Mamas.